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"Keeping your every need in mind, we gave birth to a utopia, where the responsibilities are non-existent, and the possibilities, endless"

Established in 2019 Vista Venues’ vision is to provide a premium seamless and blissful experience unlike anything in the city. Starting off with Riverdale, an exceptional farmhouse experience, and adding Seadale, an unmatched beach experience in 2022. The goal is to give a smooth experience from the time of booking to getting to our venue, enjoying and coming back safely all in one place, catering to every single need and request of our patrons. With plans of adding more extravagant venues down the line.


Generate Luxury

Vista Venues wanted to drive attention to both their Family Farm House (Riverdale) and Luxurious Beach Hut (Seadale) and focus on generating as much revenue as possible through effective marketing. The beach and farmhouse booking process is quite tedious, majorly relying on an outdated method of calling. Moreover, at the time Seadale and Riverdale started such venues had no online presence. Vista Venues wanted to develop a social media presence to show how they not only provided a hygienic experience with great customer service but, also showcase the numerous vendors under their belt that could help arrange all the requirements for an event. To do so they needed a beautiful, fast website and a top marketing program. This is where V Media stepped up and took on their entire project.


Optimize Your Stay




UI UX (User Interface & User Experience)


Website content, Web Development


Media Production & Affiliation


Social Media Marketing


Media Buying


Public Relations


Event Management


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


V Media through constant communication with the management team at Vista Venues developed a proper roadmap to follow through on in order to not only shift the behavioral change of customers from phone bookings to the website but also create a brand that is synonymous with premium experiences. V Media became the direct representatives of Vista Venues and this allowed us to spread awareness to potential leads and customers about Vista Venues’ amenities. Moreover, we produced a mobile-first and optimized, design with features, including automated booking query system, FAQs, and Reviews to automate their whole process. The Business profile of the Farmhouse and Beach Hut was optimized and marketed via Social Media Marketing by sharing tags, reviews, event calendar, influencer marketing, and Facebook groups all of which have helped established a notable reputation for Vista Venues in the Event hosting sphere.


Redefine Your Vacation

V Media’s multi-direction marketing generated a lot of interest and exposure for Vista Venues, which resulted in a lot of conversions for the hut, which was now website based rather than phone-based, Not only that Seadale established a relevant social presence for Vista Venues which helped highlight their USP’s and spread awareness amongst the masses thereby successfully addressing all of Vista Venues challenges.




Through V Media’s help, Vista Venues Riverdale Farmhouse increased its online revenue by 87% and Website Visits by 48% while in a time span of 3 months post-implementations the clients recorded an increase in website visits by 48%, organic search results by 127% and booking queries by 64%. These numbers have only improved over time by an estimated 45% growth per month and stand as a testament to V Media’s efforts.


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