Feel The Difference

“We want you ‘to light up’ by wearing our shoes”

Hafiz Tannery is an ISO 9002 and BSCI certified manufacturer and exporter of premium quality finished leather, leather garments and leather bags accessories from Pakistan. Our comprehensive range of products includes Leather Jackets, Leather Coats, Leather Vests, Leather Trousers, Leather Biker Jackets and Leather Fashion Bags.


Rebrand and Redefine

Hafiz Leathers wanted a complete rebranding of its brand image. They needed to change the age-old look of a traditional leather tannery towards a more finished and refined look of a leather retailer. Moreover, they required a refined digital platform to launch this new look for their brand which is why they trusted V Media to provide a Website that went along with the guidelines of their required brand image.


UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience)


Website content


Web Development


Media Production.



Rebuild your identity

V Media along with the owner and the marketing department of Hafiz decided to take a look at their insights and developed a modern brand identity for the brand based on which the storyboard of the DVC and the website were designed. Moreover, since 93% of all websites are now opened on the phone we optimized their user experience to work smoothly both on desktop and mobile. V Media also planned a grand shoot in Kund Malir showcasing Hafiz’s products and giving a very trendy cool vibe which was what Hafiz was aiming for as their new rebranded image. All of these collected factors combined helped develop an image for Hafiz that completely overtook their previous traditional raw material manufacturer image into one that shone a spotlight on their products.


A New Look, A New Age

V Media successfully managed to completely rebrand Hafiz into a modern trendy leather goods retail company that focused on its products rather than its material and tannery while still holding the years of quality and refined material of their products that had been built up over the years. Hafiz now operates on this new look and benefits from it all with the help of V Media and their great efforts in completely flipping the script.

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