DHA – Property Information Portal


Web-based Property Information Application Portal

DHA properties approached VMedia to help them solve a long-standing problem.

They required a Web-based Property Information Application Portal that bridges the gap between the Pakistani Real-Estate Market by providing estimated values (Prices) of Plots/Properties/Apartments. The Project will provide a detailed Overview and Performance of Properties with every possible detail such as Price, Value based on the surroundings such as proximity to a mosque or market, which would increase the rate, and other features associated with the properties.


The Property Information Portal required specific features that included:

The estimated minimum and maximum worth of property denominations in each project added to the system.


An estimated rate of properties instead of a buying selling module


Multiple roles such as Super Admin, Agents, Data Viewer and Guest User


Front-end and Back-end interfaces to manage properties and all options added into the application


The project wanted to accentuate customer service by helping customers to make sure that they make better and accurate decisions in terms of actual value price by using our detailed property overview and performance so that they can get a perfect deal and not paying extra than actual cost. Moreover, a detailed keyword locator was to be provided to give Customers better search experience so they get the perfect property result they are looking for.

Moreover, the project wanted to be optimized for not only Desktop Browsers but also to be fully responsive on Mobile Devices. V Media developed this project to be made on a framework that makes the project scalable when used in IOS and Android too such as Frontend on React JS and Server side Node JS.


The project lasted Five Months in total, and we were able to provide an efficient system that was able to streamline property search and acquiring needs. In addition, a Normalized Relational Database was added with Huge data handling capabilities which further boosted the portal’s longevity and use case.
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